Snow White

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Size: 15 cm each


  • Premium Satin Fabric
  • Exclusive Clip
  • Diamond Chain

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Snow White

Size: Each hairclip measures 15 cm, a moderate size suitable for various hairstyles and lengths.


  • Exclusive Satin: Satin is a smooth and shiny fabric known for its softness and luxurious appearance. The use of “exclusive satin” suggests that the hairclips have a high-quality satin material.
  • Exclusive Clip: This likely refers to the type of clip or fastener used to secure the hairclip in place. “Exclusive” might imply a unique or special design.
  • Diamond Chain: The inclusion of a diamond chain suggests that there might be decorative elements, possibly rhinestones or faux diamonds, incorporated into the design for added sparkle and elegance.

Style: The style of these hairclips is described as “Fairytale.” This implies a whimsical and enchanting design, possibly inspired by fairytales or fantasy themes. The use of satin and diamond chains could enhance the magical and elegant aspect of the hairclips

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