RM 18.00


  • Rosalind – Pink Floral 🌷🌸
  • Juliette – Yellow Floral 🌻🌼


Adjustable Ribbon

Width: 5.5 cm


Premium Chiffon

🌸✨ Unveil the sweetness of the Genevieve Series Hairband and let your inner flower child bloom! 🌸✨

1️⃣ for RM 18 – because one headband is like a single petal; pretty, but why not have the whole bouquet! 🌷💁

3️⃣ for RM 49 – a trio of blooming beauty that’ll leave you feeling like a garden fairy! 🌻🌼🌸

Choose Your Blossom:

  • Rosalind – Pink Floral 🌷🌸
  • Juliette – Yellow Floral 🌻🌼

Size: Adjustable Ribbon, and a headband width of 5.5 cm! 👧💕

Material: Crafted with the finest Premium Chiffon ! 🌟🎀

Your hair deserves the Genevieve Series, because life is too short for boring headbands! 🎉💃

🌟🛍️ Grab yours now and let your hair dance with joy. Click that ‘Add to Cart’ button like it’s a flower-picking adventure and let the floral fun begin! 🌸🌻🌷🌟


Rosalind, Juliette, Set (3 pcs)


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