Size: 4.5 cm each.


– Premium Satin-made Flower

– Exclusive Golden Metal Clip

– A Bunch of Silver Flora

Emilia Handmade Hairclips



1 pc Emilia hairclip



2 pcs Emilia hairclips


This pricing structure encourages customers to buy in pairs, offering a discount when purchasing two clips together.


Size: 4.5 cm each.

This size is suitable for holding back smaller sections of hair or for adding subtle accents to hairstyles.



Premium Satin-made Flower: The hairclips feature flowers made from premium satin. Satin is known for its smooth and shiny surface, which can add a touch of elegance to the accessory.

Exclusive Golden Metal Clip: The clips themselves are made of golden metal, which gives them a luxurious and exclusive appearance.

A Bunch of Silver Flora: This indicates that there are silver floral elements incorporated into the design, which could add a delicate and decorative touch to the clips.


Style: Fairytale


These hairclips are proudly labelled as “MADE IN MALAYSIA


Overall, the Emilia Handmade Hairclips are a stylish and affordable hair accessory option for those looking to add a touch of fairytale-inspired charm to their hairstyles.



Single, Set (2 in a set)


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