Coraline Series – Turban and Sock

RM 15.00RM 18.00


Elara Turban 3 month newborn and above

Flopsy Sock 10-12cm

Colour: Turquoise


Elara Turban: Fully velvet fabric

Flopsy sock: Blended Cotton with anti-slip gel

Coraline Series – Turban and Sock


The “Little Wonder Coraline Series Exclusive Handmade Turban and Sock Set” is an adorable set for infants and young children.


Set Components:

  • Elara Turban: This turban is suitable for infants aged 3 months and above. It is made from fully velvet fabric, providing a soft and comfortable fit.
  • Flopsy Sock: The set includes Flopsy socks, which are sized 10-12cm and feature a printed bunny design on the sock. These socks also have an anti-slip gel at the bottom for safety and stability.


  • Turquoise Color – The set comes in a lovely turquoise colour.


  • Elara Turban: Made from flexible velvet material, ensuring comfort and a snug fit for the baby’s head.
  • Flopsy Sock: These socks are made from blended cotton fabric and feature anti-slip gel on the bottom to prevent slipping.


  • Elara Turban: RM18 per piece
  • Flopsy Sock: RM15 per piece
  • Special Offer: Customers who purchase the turban can add on a pair of Flopsy socks for an additional RM1. This offer provides a cost-effective way for customers to complete the set with matching socks.

Overall, the Little Wonder Coraline Series Exclusive Handmade Turban and Sock Set offers a stylish and comfortable accessory for babies and young children, with the option to mix and match the turban and socks while taking advantage of a special add-on price. The bunny design on the socks adds a cute and playful touch to the set.


Elara Turban, Flopsy Sock, Set (2 in 1)


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