Angelica Series

RM 15.00

Suitable for newborns and above.

Colour in set:
Grey Flower
Light Purple Flower
Magenta Purple Flower

Handmade Flower
Premium Elastic Nylon Band

Angelica Series


The “Angelica Set” is a set of handmade headbands designed for newborns and above.



Sophia – Grey Flower
Grace – Light Purple Flower
Acantha – Magenta Purple Flower
Eulalia – Little Magenta Purple Daisy



Grey Flower 4.5cm
Light Purple Flower 5cm
Magenta Purple Flower 3cm
Little Magenta Purple Daisy 2.5cm



Suitable for Newborns and Above: These headbands are designed to be suitable for newborns and older children. The use of soft and stretchy materials like elastic nylon bands ensures comfort for infants.



Handmade Flower: The flowers on these headbands are handmade, suggesting attention to detail and a personalized touch in their creation.

Premium Elastic Nylon Band: The headbands are made with premium elastic nylon bands, which are gentle on the baby’s head and provide a comfortable fit.



These headbands are proudly labelled as “MADE IN MALAYSIA,” indicating their country of manufacture.

Overall, the Angelica Set appears to be a lovely collection of handmade headbands suitable for infants and older children. They offer a variety of colours and are designed for comfort, making them a great addition to a baby’s wardrobe or as a thoughtful gift option.

Weight 0.5 kg

Sophia, Grace, Acantha, Eulalia, Set (3 in 1)


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