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Our Story

Imagine this: A kid with big dreams but only two scratchy polyester gowns … …

Yep, that’s our founder, YENs humble beginning!

Those gowns were gifts from her uncle, and they were like gold to the little dreamer. But there was a teeny problem – they were kinda itchy!!!

Fast forward to 2017, YEN had a lightbulb moment: Why not create a place where every little girl could feel like a princess without the itchy fuss?

And just like that, Little Wonder took flight.

With a sprinkle of family magic, our founder’s sister, CECELIA, joined the adventure. She became the captain of operations, making sure every customer felt like royalty. Together, they set out on a mission: to bring dream-worthy princess gowns to kids everywhere.

As the story goes, the baby sis, REACCA, joined the gang as a fashion designer. Armed with her fashion wizardry, she waved her creative wand, adding sparkle and pizzazz to every gown. With Reacca on board, our gowns became as magical as a unicorn’s dance.

Oh, and guess what?

Today we’ve even got a fancy trademark in Malaysia, so you know we’re the real deal. We’re committed to quality, values, and making sure every little girl feels like the star of her very own fairytale.

Our logo?

It’s a butterfly!

Why? You ask.

Because the butterfly represents the transformative journey of a caterpillar, just like the journey of every little girl. From a humble earth crawler to a sky flyer, the butterfly embodies elegance, beauty, and the power of hope. It symbolizes the ability to soar above challenges and embrace dreams with unwavering determination.

Above, there is heartwarming tale of Little Wonder.

We’re all about turning dreams into reality, and we’re thrilled to have you on this magical adventure with us.

So, ready to make your little one’s dreams take flight?

Let’s do this!

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Hi sis😊 Cecelia sini❤ Sis nak cari gown kah headband?
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